I do not cook, or bake, or execute any other from of food preparation beyond pouring cereal into a bowl milk. For this reason I am deficient in the realm of cooking implements. Thus when my sister arrived at my house with the intention of baking cookies in my oven I scrambled to find substitutes for the needed tools. The impending adventure led to some alternatives which I believed demonstrated greater usefulness than their traditional counterparts.
In the two years I had owned my house I had never used the gas oven. Little trust was placed in the oven’s metered dial indicating temperature and as there was no display of current temperature we would be unable to judge when preheating was complete.
My IR temperature gauge filled the role of thermometer admirably. In addition to the simple ability to register a temperature the meter may be aimed at different segments of the oven’s interior. This allows the user to find hot spots in the oven without laborious experimentation.
After the cookies were placed within the oven, whose preheating had been empirically confirmed, it occurred to us I was not in possession of any form of oven mitt. Various inferior and unimaginative alternatives were offered before I derived the ultimate solution.
Welding gloves being designed to protect their user from molten metal proved most effective. So great is the insulation of these gloves the user may maneuver hot surfaces at a leisurely pace. There is no haste necessary to drop a hot item before the heat becomes unbearable. As quality gloves may be had for $25 I cannot imagine a case in which a conventional oven mitt would excel them.  

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