Basic one color diy screen press

This is my one color screen press. There are many examples of how to build something similar on youtube. The only noteworthy part of this setup is the platen in use.
Keeping the platen in place while printing is rather important. This is occasionally overlooked on one color machines like this one since mostly you will only make one printing pass. In this case I am printing with a discharge ink. For this I will need to alternate printing passes with forced air heating a few times. If the platen moves at any point between these passes the print will be distorted.
The common methods employed to keep a diy platen from moving typically involve using a set screws or lining the inner platen rails with a grippy fabric (which will allow it to move but only with deliberate application of force).
Underside of the quick release platen
Neither of these appealed to me so I built this quick release platen. The basic platen shape has two rails attached on the underside. The one in the left of the photo is attached with a door hings which allows it to move. The right side is fixed (with 9 pocket screws). Connecting the two rails is a quick release skewer. This one came from the junk pile at a bike shop (it was formally part of a ruined hub assembly).
The skewer is placed low enough to clear the arm of the printing press. With the lever (on the right) in the open position the nut (on the left) is tightened just shy of causing the hinged rail to touch the printing arm. In this configuration the platen easily moves up and down the arm. When located in the correct position the lever is closed and the platen is securely held in place by the skewer squeezing the printing arm. This prevents the platen from moving up off of the printing arm as well as from moving up or down the arm.
The (out of focus) lever can be rotated if it is in the way

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