The Task

This combination headphone/microphone line has a break in its outer casing.

The broken casing

This causes the wire the catch on things. While the electrical connections are still good this condition is an inconvenience and needed to be repaired.

The Solution

Heat shrink tubing is perfect for this issue, expect I did not have a size of tubing on hand which would fit over the end connections of this wire and shrink down to a size necessary to grip the line.
The line could be cut and the tubing slid over it but this would entail reconnecting 4 electric lines and that is just a hassle.
I opted to use a larger diameter tubing and the build up the area to be covered with electrical tape. The tape alone would not be the best solution for this issue as unprotected it is likely to unravel.

Line prior to shrinking

After the line was taped the tubing was placed and heated. Ideally I would have used white tubing to match the line but this was all I could find without the trouble of ordering more.

The finished line

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